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PennDot has posted No Parking signs along W Broadway and N Main Street for tree trimming to be done in the next few days. This is in preparation for their repaving project coming in the future. It's best to move all vehicles along these roads to prevent damage to your vehicles and any equipment.
Thank you!

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Zoning and Building Permits


Are you current with taxes, or other municipal service accounts?  If not you will be denied a zoning and/or building permit!

The Neighborhood Blight Reclamation and Revitalization Act (the “Act”) – signed into law on October 27, 2010, effective on April 25, 2011 – empowers municipalities to take legal action against owners of deteriorating properties and deny municipal permits in certain circumstances. The Act specifically provides for action against property owners whose property is in serious code violation or whose property is determined to be a public nuisance. The Act also provides for municipalities to deny municipal permits (included building permits and zoning approvals) to property owners who have other property within the municipality in similar violation or who are behind in taxes or other municipal service accounts such as water, sewer or refuse collection. This tool allows municipalities to hold property owners accountable for existing delinquencies or serious violations on other properties. Property owners must remedy existing violations and/or delinquencies with regard to other property they own in the municipality prior to being granted municipal permits for future projects.


Zoning Permits are required for any new construction, additions, accessory structures, paving, swimming pools, fences, etc. Please visit our Planning, Zoning & Building Permits and Publications page to view and download a Zoning Permit and various publications.


In accordance with Act 45 as mandated by the State of Pennsylvania, Red Lion Borough has passed an ordinance adopting the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) as the standard for building construction, remodeling, and repair. Certain projects will require inspections to be performed by one of the designated third party agencies (Commonwealth Code Inspection Service OR Code Administrators, Inc.), which must be paid for by the property owner. If your project requires inspections, you will be informed at the time you pick up your building permit application at the Borough office. 

NOTE:  ALL building permits MUST be submitted through the Red Lion Borough Office.

  • Residential Building Permit Application - Required for any new construction, additions, demolition, accessory structures over 1,000 square feet, swimming pools and hot tubs 24 inches and deeper and any structural changes in the dwelling. 

              Code Administrators, Inc. Application


     Commonwealth Code Inspection Service Application

  • Commercial Building Permit Application - Required for almost all work done on a commercial structure.

          Code Administrators, Inc. Application


         Commonwealth Code Inspection Service Application

Please visit our Planning, Zoning & Building Permits and Publications page to view and download various permits and publications.