11 East Broadway, P.O. Box 190
Red Lion, PA 17356

Red Lion, Pennsylvania

(717) 244-3475

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18 Oct 2021
07:00PM -
Planning Commission Meeting
19 Oct 2021
06:00PM -
Borough Council Budget Meeting
20 Oct 2021
25 Oct 2021
07:00PM -
Halloween Parade


Red Lion Borough
Public Works Facility
5 Vulcan Road
Red Lion, PA  17356


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Public Works Supervisor

Brett Patterson


Fall Branch & Limb Collection

Red Lion Borough 2021 Fall Branch and Limb collection has Ended

Week of SEPTEMBER 27TH 2021

Branches & limbs must be placed at your trash collection site
by 7 AM on Monday, SEPTEMBER 27TH 2021
and we will be by within the week to pick them up.
We will collect from each street one time only.
Any branches/limbs put out after the week of SEPTEMBER 27TH will be your responsibility to dispose of.

Please keep these guidelines in mind:
Limbs can be up to 6" in diameter and 4 to 6 feet in length.
Do not bundle limbs.
This material should be placed at your garbage collection site.
The Borough reserves the right to refuse items that do not meet the requirements and is not responsible for cleanup.
If you have branches/limbs to dispose of at times other than our spring and fall collections, you can take them to the York County Solid Waste Authority. Please visit the Yard Waste section of their website or call them at 717-845-1066 for more information 
We cannot accept yard waste items such as weeds, flowers, leaves and ornamental grasses.  They are considered yard waste and can be composted at home or dropped off at a local yard waste facility.  Red Lion Borough does NOT have a local yard waste facility.  Visit the Yard Waste section of York County Solid Waste Authority's website, or call them at 717-845-1066, for more information on how to dispose of yard waste.