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Red Lion, PA 17356

Red Lion, Pennsylvania

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Red Lion Borough
Public Works Facility
5 Vulcan Road
Red Lion, PA  17356


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Public Works Supervisor

Brett Patterson


Snow Removal


Residents are reminded that sidewalks must be cleared of snow and/or ice to a width of 36" no later than 12 hours after it stops snowing. 
We also ask our residents to please keep storm drains and fire hydrants clear of snow. 
Red Lion Borough is responsible for maintaining approximately 28 miles of streets and alleys. 
We are not responsible for winter maintenance on state roads. 
We own a fleet of various equipment used for clearing snow and ice from all Borough roads and alleys. 
East and West Broadway, East and West High Streets, North and South Main Streets, Country Club Rd, East Prospect St, and Winterstown Rd are STATE roads.

PennDOT is responsible for deicing and plowing them. Please contact the local PennDOT maintenance office at 717-848-6230 if you have a problem with one of these roads. 

The Borough deploys personnel and equipment at the onset of a winter storm. Priority is placed on major routes which are the most heavily used by vehicular traffic.
All streets and alleys are cleared of snow and/or ice continuously until the adverse weather conditions cease. 

After they are cleared, personnel can then concentrate on Borough parking lots, sidewalks in areas such as Fairmount Park, and other Borough-owned properties.
You may see a Borough truck passing by your road several times and wonder why your road has not yet been cleared.
Please keep in mind that it is very possible that they are busy clearing an adjacent or priority street.
Although this may seem unfair and frustrating, it is necessary in order to provide for the overall safety of the Borough. 

Winter weather in this part of the country is a fact of life. When it happens, it surely will have an impact on your normal routine.
Please remember to slow down and be patient. Each and every storm is different; however, rest assured that the Public Works Department will respond swiftly and effectively no matter what the circumstances. 

In the event of a severe winter storm, the Mayor will declare a snow emergency. The Snow Emergency Declaration will be announced on the local radio and television stations and on this website. All snow emergency routes in Red Lion Borough have been identified with proper signage. Please visit our Snow Emergency page for more information. 

The primary objective of the Red Lion Borough Public Works Department’s winter maintenance program is to provide roadway and street safety to the traveling public utilizing the most reasonable, efficient and effective procedures. To achieve this objective, it is essential that the deicing and plowing operations be conducted in a professional way with the equipment being properly maintained.  Additionally, the deicing material must be sufficiently stocked along with Borough personnel being properly trained and instructed in the methods and procedures to be followed.  

Just a friendly reminder to property owners in Red Lion Borough: It is your responsibility to keep your mailboxes, shrubbery, basketball hoops, etc. from overhanging the edge of the street.  Trees are to be trimmed to provide a minimum clearance of 9' over sidewalks and 14' over streets and alleys (Red Lion Borough Ordinance #25-106).  This is necessary to ensure the safety of those activities that must occur close to the curb (snow plowing, street sweeping, trash removal).  

We thank you for your cooperation.