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Penn Waste

Penn Waste collects 
& recycling 
in Red Lion Borough.

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Why did our trash bill increase?

Our contract with Penn Waste was set to expire at the end of 2020. Red Lion Borough put the trash service out for competitive bid and by law, must take the low bid. Penn Waste was the lowest bidder for trash service. Increases for tipping fees, labor and recycling disposal all add to the cost of business and is out of the control of the trash hauler. 

Rates are as follows (some fees not included):

“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $297.00/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $208.00/year ($8.00/bag)
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $309.00/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $218/year ($8.40/bag)
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $321.00/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $228.80/year ($8.80/bag)
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $334.20/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $240.00/year ($9.25/bag)
“Full-Service” (weekly) service – $347.40/year
“Pay Per Bag” service – $252.20/year ($9.70/bag)

For more info, please visit our Recycling & Garbage Page.