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Red Lion Municipal Authority
11 East Broadway
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Red Lion, PA 17356
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Water Filtration & Distribution

The Red Lion Municipal Authority utilizes surface water as our source of raw water supply.  The Authority owns and operates two impounding dams, one on Cabin Creek in Windsor Township and the other on Beaver Creek in Chanceford and Lower Windsor Townships.  We also have a raw water pumping station at the confluence of Greenbranch Stream and the Susquehanna River in Chanceford Township.

Under normal conditions, the primary source of raw water is Cabin Creek.  Under high demand conditions, a combination of Cabin Creek and Beaver Creek is utilized and, under drought conditions, it may become necessary to draw water from all three sources.

In 1988 a new treatment plant was constructed at Cabin Creek, replacing the 1925 plant at the same location.  All raw water pases through the treatment plant for purification.  The treatment process consists of aeration, oxidation, coagulation, clarification, filtration, corrosion control, disinfection and fluoridation.  Upon completion of the treatment process, the purified water is pumped into the distribution system.  Our new water treatment plant went online April 7, 2015.

Red Lion Municipal Authority supplies water to Red Lion Borough, portions of Chanceford Township, Windsor Township and York Township.  In addition to the Red Lion Water System, Red Lion Municipal Authority provides all of the water to Windsor Borough Authority and Dallastown-Yoe Water Authority.  Windsor Borough Authority owns and operates a distribution system which serves Windsor Borough. The Dallastown-Yoe Water Authority owns and operates a water distribution system which serves Dallastown Borough, Yoe Borough and portions of York Township.

Our Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is available on the Water and Sewer Forms & Publications page of this website.

New Water Treatment Plant

For many years, we've brought you the fresh, cool taste of safe, clean drinking water.  Now, at the Red Lion Municipal Authority, we're investing in your future health by making additional improvements.  What does it mean to you?  Better taste.  Better quality.  Better service.

To improve water quality, we've constructed a new water treatment plant at Cabin Creek in Windsor Township.  This is the same location as the past water treatment plants.  The new water treatment plant went online April 7, 2015.

The former plant was unable to meet the potential, more stringent drinking water standards that are set by the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).  

We currently meet all federal and state drinking water quality standards.